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Getting Started with MegaStat

There are several steps to getting started with MegaStat, which we will walk through below. They are not difficult, but they have to be followed carefully. We promise you it is worthwhile, and that you will enjoy and value MegaStat once you get going!

1. Go to Course Home and click on the MegaStat tab
2. This will take you to the MegaStat page, where you should click on the link “View Demonstration of MegaStat Installation (Click Here)” 3. We suggest you: a) view the Tutorial you are taken to all the way through. Because there are a number of steps, once you have viewed the Tutorial, we suggest you keep it open, with a reduced screen, so you can easily go back to the Tutorial for the particular steps.

Also, a key point on the Tutorial is to encourage you to write down the “Destination Folder”, when you get to that step.

4. Next, click on the link “Download MegaStat Installation File (Click Here)” 5. Now, you should have the basic MegaStat Installation done. Next, you need to take the additional steps needed for Excel 2007. First, read the note for “Important: Excel 2007 Users”.

6. This refers to the publisher’s web site. Here is how to access it.

And, here’s the screen it takes you to.

7. Make a note: that “DataSets” (above “MegaStat”) is where you’ll find all the data sets used in the textbook, which will download into MegaStat, so that you can work with the data, without having to enter it by hand; it’s great!

8. You’re now ready to Install MegaStat for Excel 2007.

9. But, also note this link which will show you how you will access MegaStat, within Excel, once you have it loaded.

10. And, please make a note that you have here the User’s Manual for MegaStat, as a handy reference (though we will be explaining how to use MegaStat as we go along).

11. Finally, you should go to the Week 1: Tutorials, as shown below

12. Be sure to view the...
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