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MEGAMAN® is the world's leading innovator in energy saving lighting solutions.  Over the past few years we have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of low energy light bulbs. We are recognised worldwide as an innovative leader in exceptional lamp design. The global presence of Mega man extends throughout the world, reaching Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, South Africa and North America.

MEGAMAN® DIMMING incorporates convenience, simplicity and hassle-free characteristics that allow you to enjoy step dimming of energy saving lamps on almost any standard ON/OFF light switches, creating lighting moods of your choice in an instant.

Built-in Dimmer is our new product in 2013
Designed to build the dimming function inside the bulb, MEGAMAN® DorS DIMMING offers 4-step dimming with brightness levels of 100%, 66%, 33% and 5% for CFLs  Every switching OFF/ON will activate the dimming program of the lamp. Firstly, switch the lamp ON; the lamp will be of 100%(Meeting, Studying) brightness. The 4 step-dimming price is setting 40 Euro.

If we use our new product 4step dimming To dim, simply switch it off and then on again within 3 seconds. Repeat to dim the lamp to the desired level (100%, 66%, 33% and 5% and back to 100% Dimming light levels are lowered at night to take advantage of the fact that people need and pre- fer less light at night than they do during the day. Firstly, if we switch the light to 5 %, it’s good for the young people market group. As you know, young people who like to have party at home in the weekend. If we switch the light to 33 present, it can create the romantic situation, suitable for the couple If we switch the light to 66 present, it’s good for the family party, friends meeting. If we switch the light to 66 present, it’s good for the students who are studying.

4-step dimming. It can install in any mega man light bulb product. It can fulfil different group people need & want. Bring them more than 5...
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