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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Meeting 1
Type of Meeting: Planning Meeting
Purpose of Meeting: Preparing for final assessment report of one of the current unit Requirements of Meeting: All participants need to be present Participants:
1. Jamal Abdul Nasir (Myself)
2. Omais Siddiqui
3. Jawwad Bhatti
4. Faraz Khan

Participants Expectations: Come up with route map of developing of final report step by step. Meeting Arrangements:
* Venue : Barkly College Library (Organized by one of the member) * Date : 2nd January,2013
* Communication : All participants are informed via emails and phone calls regarding venue and date of the meeting. Agenda of Meeting:
* Welcome and introduction of team members with each other * Seeking advice for topic selection for final report
* Assigning task to each member
* Setting deadlines for each task
* Deciding date with venue for next meeting following closure of meeting. * Dispatch the copies of agenda and minutes to every member. Minutes of Meeting:
* Every member is present
* After heated discussion final topic is decided and that is "Stress management at workplace" * Report writing strategies are exchanged
* Whole assessment is divided in small sub-tasks namely preface, index, introduction, theory, case study, conclusion, appendix, compiling, printing and presentation * Each member is assigned the agreed sub-task after arguments * All group members are advised to report group leader (Me) * Next meeting will be held on Saturday the 20th January, 2013

Notes while meeting:
Attendance of all members is positive.|
The topic should be relevant to management studies like team management, stress management, event management etc.| Report writing is a long evolving task. It needs to be fragmented.| There should be index in starting. And preface has to be there as well.| Word count has to be in limits i.e., 2000 words.|

Final deadline is on first weekend of next month.|
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