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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Taking time off his busy schedule, Powai and Chandivili MLA Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan sat down to discuss a few of the issues at hand in his constituency and his corresponding plans of action. A member of the Congress Party, Naseem Khan is also a former Minister of State for Home, and currently holds the positions of State Cabinet minister for Textiles and Minorities Development. When quizzed about the whether he gets time to personally meet residents and welfare organizations in his constituency on a regular basis, Naseem Khan profusely shakes his head to confirm that he in fact, does. “I stay close to Powai. And my house and office is always available for visitors or residents and their grievances”, says Naseem Khan. “We make it a point to hold quarterly meetings, which are attended by representatives of various resident associations, including the Hiranandani Gardens Welfare Association, AGNI, and Jal Vayu Vihar Resident’s Association among others. Concerns are noted and plans for action are discussed and then initiated by me as permissible”, explains Naseem Khan. Asked about what are the common problems that require to be tackled in Powai, he highlights pollution, traffic jams, crime, and the powai lake issue as the major discussion points at each meeting. Although crime rate in Powai is relatively low in comparison to other areas of the city, Naseem Khan takes a strict approach of intolerance. Aware of the increasing number of companies having set up within the Hiranandani Special Economic Zone, leading to higher number of cases reported for drunk driving and collisions over the past year, Naseem Khan ensures that active steps have already been taken with 3 new chowkis having been set up and doubling of patrol vehicles post 10 pm. According to him, this has significantly cut down on reported cases by at least 30%. “Safety and welfare of the residents and other inhabitants is paramount for me. Strict actions were initiated in 2009 when I took the MLA seat...
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