Meet the Parents

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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University of Phoenix Material

Film Matrix

Complete the following matrix by filling out each category. Provide a brief description of how each component was used in the film you selected. For example, if you selected the film The Shining, in the first column, you would explain how the film’s setting was used and what it was.

1. Name the film you watched. Answer: Meet the Parents

2. What genre do you believe it falls under? Answer: Comedy

|Setting |The setting is at the house of Pam’s parents in the town of | | |oyster bay on Long Island, which is an appropriate place to “Meet| | |the Parents.” All the major parts of the story took place in the | | |Byrnes home. | |Acting | Ben Stiller (Greg) and Robert De Niro are the star actor of the | | |film. Both of them through their acting bought out the comedy | | |genre of the movie. I think that the method actors in this movie | | |would be Teri Polo (Pam and Mrs. Byrnes) | |Lighting |Hard lighting and shadow lightening were used throughout the film| | |including. Camera placed right in front of Greg many times | | |brought out comedy effects in his actions. | |Costumes...
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