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  • Published: November 3, 2013
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Act 1
Scene 1
In sooth I know now why I am so sad
Why then you are in love
Fy fy
Enter bessanio
Well well leave you till dinner time
They leave
To you Antonio I owe the most in money and in love, and from your love I have a warranty to unburden all my plots and purposes how to get clear of all the debts I owe Antonio
My purse, my person, my extremest means lie all unlock’d to your occasions Bassanio
In belmont is a lady richly left and she is fair.
O my Antonio had I but the means to hold a rival place with one of them I have a mind presages me sucha thrift that I should questionless be fortunate. Antonio
Try what my credit can in Venice do.

Scene 2

Your father was ever virtuous and holy men at their death grave have good inspiration herefor the lottery that he hath devised in these three chests of gold silver and lead whereof who chooses his meaning chooses you will no doubt never be chosen by any rightly but one who you shall rightly love. But what warmth is there in your affection towards any of these princely suitars that are already come? Portia

I will describe them and according to my description level at my affection Nerissa
First there is the Neapolitan prince, and then there is the country palatine Portia
I had rather be married to a deaths head with a bone in his mouth tan to either of these. God defend me from these two! Nerissa
Do you not remember, lady, in your fathers time a venetian scholar and a soldier that came hither. Portia
Yes yes, it was bessanio!
Scene 3

Three thousand ducets, for three months, and Antonio shall become bound, well. Bessanio
Shall I know your answer?
Antonio is a good man
May I speak with Antonio?

Shylock, albeit I neither lend nor borrow by taking nor giving of excess yet to supply the ripe wants f my friend ill beak a custom. Shylock
Three thousand ducats tis a good round...
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