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BA 2410 – Module Three Homework
Che’ree L. Blades

Chapter 8

1. Describe and discuss the selection measures that your current organization uses to select employees (include any tests, interviews, etc.). After reading the chapters in this module, do you think that these measures are the best ones to use? If so, why? If not, what would you suggest and why? Be sure to discuss how the measures are both valid and reliable in predicting success in the job.

When I think back on my interview or interviews I’ve conducted, the selection process begin with online submission of application, resume and skill/honesty assessment test, those results will determine if you continue to the next step which would be to speak with a HR person on the phone to conduct an initial interview and if successful, proceed with a face to face interview and lastly you have to submit a background check and drug test. The questions asked in the interview are many of the questions we reviewed in the discussion assignment. I think this procedure is thorough, valid and reliable but nothing is full proof.

2. Discuss the concept of work samples as a selection technique. Give three examples of jobs where using work samples in the selection process would be effective and explain why. a. I worked at Ford Motor company for 15 years, I was hired in 1994, I was asked to perform a Motor Skill test, this test was extremely relevant to the job which is titled automobile assembler, you have to be quick and have the ability to assemble various parts of an automobile, heavy lifting and/or fast pace. b. Skill/Honesty test are given online with various jobs I’ve applied for in the past and PNC offers this test as well, the questions are repetitive which predicts truth if answered the same each time, it assesses your job skill (depending on the job), as well as a series of questions related to character and honesty, abilities to work with a team and...
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