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2010 Medusa Exam Syllabus
Olympians 2.0
This syllabus is intended to help guide you in your preparation for the exam. It is not the be all, end all; there can be information on the exam which is not explicitly detailed on this syllabus. If you find other information in your research that you think should be added, go ahead.  We want to be fully prepared for the test!                                                       This was designed by Dave Mathers & his Greek class, in preparation for final exams last May -Jan Stoner 10/26/10 8:08 PM 

I. Aphrodite/Venus
A.     Life           
1.      Birth
a.       Born of the sea-foam after the castration of Uranus i.                     Name means foam rising. (H 33) ii.                   This birth took place near Cythera or Cyprus. (H 33) iii.                  Born from the castration of Ouranos. b.      Born to Zeus and Dione

i.                     Aphrodite born to Zeus and Dione (Ap 1.3.1) c.       Islands sacred to her (H 33)
i.                     Cythera was sacred to her because she was born near there, then she was wafted off to Cyprus. ii.                   She is often referred to as the Cyprian or the Cytherean. 2.      Marriage

a.       Hephaestus
i.                     The two were married due to Hera and Zeus’ guilt for being ashamed of his deformity and throwing him off Mt. Olympus. ii.                   Since Aphrodite was not born a god because of her ambiguous sea foam birth, she wanted to secure her place on Mt. Olympus and agreed to a marriage. iii.                  After her affair with Ares, Hephaestus and Aphrodite divorced. b.      Affair with Ares

i.                     The story goes that Ares came back from war with a heavy spear and made fun of Eros’ smaller arrows.  Out of anger and jest, he caused Ares and Aphrodite to fall in love. ii.                   Their affair lasted a long while and they bore many children.  They were finally caught in the story that Demodocus relates in The Odyssey. c.       Love of Adonis (H 117-18)

i.                     Adonis loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone, so Zeus ruled that Adonis would spend half the year with either. ii.                   He was hunting a boar and was killed and Aphrodite tried to save him, but he died. iii.                  A blood red flower – the windflower - blooms where each drop of his blood stained the earth. 3.      Other Relationships

a.       Hippolytus Saga (H 220)
i.                     Hippolytus, son of Theseus, loved Artemis over Aphrodite and decided to be a chaste hunter. ii.                   Aphrodite sought revenge by making Hippolytus’ stepmother Phaedra fall in love with him. iii.                  Phaedra eventually killed herself, and Hippolytus dies because Theseus banishes him. b.      Pygmalion (H 149-50)

i.                     Pygmalion, from the island of Cyprus, wanted to marry a maiden like a statue he possessed. ii.                   Aphrodite made the statue come to life.  The maiden was named Galatea. c.       Anger with Psyche (H 121-34)

i.                     Psyche was a beautiful girl whom men would worship over Aphrodite.  In anger, Aphrodite enlisted Eros to make Psyche fall in love with an ugly man, but Eros ended up falling in love with her. ii.                   He hid his identity as a god and told Psyche never to look at his face; but Psyche was convinced by her sisters to look at his face while he slept.  He woke up and abandoned her forever. iii.                  She eventually came into the service of Aphrodite in order to get Eros back.  Aphrodite made her do a series of tasks, such as sorting different grains, fetching golden fleeces from rams, and being sent to the underworld with a box for Persephone.  iv.                 Psyche completed all of these tasks with supernatural help and Aphrodite could not object to Eros’ love for her.  Eros and Psyche were then married. 4.      Progeny

a.       Famous...
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