Topics: Athena, Parthenon, Gorgon Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Medusa the snake haired girl.
Once upon a time, a long time ago there lived a beautiful girl named Medusa.  Medusa lived in the city of Athens in a country named Greece. Although there were many pretty girls in the city, Medusa was considered the most beautiful one. Unfortunately, Medusa was very proud of her beauty.  Each day she boasted of how pretty she was and each day her boasts became more outrageous. Medusa bragged and boasted to everyone that her skin was more beautiful than fresh fallen snow, her hair glowed brighter than the sun, her eyes were greener than the Aegean Sea and her lips were redder than the reddest rose. When she wasn’t busy sharing her thoughts about her beauty with all who passed by, Medusa would gaze lovingly at her reflection in the mirror.  She admired herself in her hand mirror for an hour each morning as she brushed her hair. She admired herself in her darkened window for an hour each evening as she got ready for bed.  One day Medusa made her first visit to the Parthenon with her friends. The Parthenon was the largest temple to the goddess Athena.  It was decorated with amazing sculptures and paintings.  Everyone who entered was awed by the beauty of the place and couldn’t help but think of how grateful they were to Athena, goddess of wisdom, for inspiring them and for watching over their city of Athens.  Everyone, that is, except Medusa. When Medusa saw the sculptures, she whispered that she would have made a much better subject for the sculptor than Athena had.  When Medusa saw the artwork, she commented that the artist had done a fine job considering the goddess's thick eyebrows. She imagine how much more wonderful the painting would be if it was of someone as beautiful as herself. And when Medusa reached the altar she sighed happily and said, “My! This is a beautiful temple.  It is a shame it was wasted on Athena for I am so much prettier than she is. Perhaps someday people will build an even grander temple to my...
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