Medtronic, Inc.

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Medtronic, Inc.

Dana Lindley

HCA459: Senior Project (BGM1046A

Instructor:  Kristin Akerele

November 18, 2010

Medtronic, Inc. Is changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with the physicians around the world, they create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible. Their medical technologies help make it possible for millions of people to resume everyday activities, return to work, and live better, longer. They are able to do this with the help of some very special people around the world: 38,000 dedicated employees who share a passionate purpose to improve lives, thousands of medical professionals who share their insights and ideas, and hundreds of advocacy associations that help us share information so people with debilitating diseases know relief is possible. MEDTRONIC PURPOSE

Medtronic is one of the largest medical technology companies that manufactures implantable biomedical devices, with sales in over 120 countries. The Company treats chronic diseases by offering products including bradycardia pacing, heart failure, atreal fibulation, coronary vascular disease, heart valve replacement, etc. They operate Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management, Spinal and Biologicals, CardioVascular, Neuromodulation, Diabetes, and Surgical Technologies. Medtronic, Inc. was founded in 1949 by Earl Bakken and his brother in law Palmer Hermundslie out of their garage in northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. They turned their garage into a medical equipment repair shop. They originally wanted to sell basketball pumps since there was a shortage of them in the Midwest during this time. Bakken was a grad student in electrical engineering at University of Minnesota before he gave up his studies to focus on their new company. Bakken got to know a gentleman named C. Walton Lillihei through the repair business. He was a pioneer in heart surgeries at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Lillihei was upset with the types and availability of pacemakers. He contracted with Bakken to design a new style with a power source that didn’t require being plugged into the walls, as the present ones. This idea came toLillihei since one of his pediatric patients was dependent on this unit when a severe power failure hit over a Halloween night, and the little boy died. Bakken modified a design for a transistorized musical metronome to create the first battery powered artificial pacemaker. Although Medtronic built nearly 100 custom devices during the 1950’s, only 10 were actually part of the official product line. In addition to pacemakers, these included 2 external defibrillators, forceps, and animal respirator, a cardiac rate monitor, and a physiologic stimulator. MISSION

Co-founder Bakken was inspired by his patients when he created the Medtronic Mission, which is a very integral part of the company’s culture. He was overcome by the patients emotional responses to the products. The patients were overjoyed for their ability to regain their mobility, to feel better, and sometimes to just be alive because of Medtronic’s work. Earl wanted the human benefit to be the company’s main purpose so he and the board of directors created a formal statement of the company’s objectives. Almost ½ a century later the Mission statement still serves as part of the ethical framework and an inspiration to the employees all around the world. It serves as a day to day guide to remind them that their efforts are changing the way millions of people face chronic disease. MISSION STATEMENT

• To contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the research, manufacture and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. • To direct our growth in the areas of biomedical engineering where we display maximum strength and ability to gather people and facilities that tend to augment these areas to continually build on those areas...
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