Topics: Medtronic, Earl Bakken, Artificial pacemaker Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: March 11, 2013
* Founded in 1949, Medtronic is the world’s largest Medical Technology Company and also a Fortune 500 company. Medtronic specializes in medical devices and therapies to treat over 30 chronic diseases. With headquarters located in Fridley, Minnesota the company has over 41,000 employees bringing in annual revenue of $14.599 Billion dollars. (1) Due to patient’s positive feedback and the results of Medtronic, Co-founder Earl Bakken came up with a mission statement half a century ago that continues to serve as an ethical framework and inspirational goal for employees around the world today. Medtronic builds on the areas of biomedical engineering through education and knowledge. They will avoid participating where they cannot make unique and worthy contributions. Instead, Medtronic strives to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity, and service. * Medtronic is composed of six main business units, which develop and manufacture devices and therapies to treat more than 30 chronic diseases, including (but not limited to) heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, urinary incontinence, obesity, chronic pain, spinal disorders and diabetes. (1) CRDM: is the oldest and largest of Medtronic's business units. Back in 1957, co-founder Earl Bakken developed the first wearable heart pacemaker to treat abnormally slow heart rates. Since then, CRDM has expanded its expertise in electrical stimulation to treat other cardiac rhythm diseases. Diagnostic and monitoring capabilities have been added to many of CRDM devices in an effort to address overall disease management. Seeing that Medtronic is the world leader in spinal and musculoskeletal therapies the Spinal and Biologics is Medtronic's second largest business. During the year 2007 Medtronic bought Kyphon, a manufacturer and seller of spinal implants. Spinal & Biologics: Spinal and Biologics is Medtronic's second largest business, and Medtronic is the...
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