Medtek Corporation Base Bullet Points

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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* The lack of project definition and inter-project coordination led to confusion among the employees regarding their role, place, and purpose in the company. This problem, alongside the lack of recognition and support from the management, led to frustration, demotivation, low morale and poor performance in the division.

* The growth and change in structure of the company was too rapid. This may have caused the fragmentation problem present not only in the R&D division but in the company as a whole. Another cause may be the isolation of different groups of employees trained in different fields. Also, another contributing factor to the lack of coordination is the unclear power boundaries and plan

* BIAS AND INFLUENCE. The company should develop an effective system of budget planning where each department is to forecast the resources they would need for the next operating cycle. Also, the project/s can be done blindly where the idea is presented but the persons involved are anonymous while resources are to be assigned. This way, resources are assigned based on the success-factor of the project and not on the people involved in the project.

* PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Lab plans and priorities should be provided. This not only functions as a guide but also as a measure of success and evaluation, which is essential. When proper tracking and evaluation are done, mistakes will be pointed out and will be avoided in future projects.

* EVALUATION. There should be a clear provision of who the evaluator is and how he/she should evaluate the project. Clear and objective criteria or guidelines should be established in order for the evaluation to be more credible.

* RECOMMENDATION. The use of cross-functional project teams rather than functional teams would be more effective and beneficial for the company.
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