Medmira Case Study

Topics: AIDS, Infectious disease, Health care Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Question 1
What changes in the environment made it possible to consider the launch of an OTC Aids Test? Be specific.

Advances in the therapy: Over the past years, there have been a significantly progress in HIV therapy - allows HIV to be treated as a chronic disease instead of the “dead-sentence” it was years ago. Thus, people are less scared of the disease itself and more aware that they can live a quite normal life with HIV-infection  Less skepticism about the infection itself.

More people infected: The fact that there are more and more people infected with HIV, make people more conscious that this is not restricted to some social groups.

More awareness: Nowadays people are well informed about the behavior’ risks (not only sexual behaviors) they shouldn’t have in order to avoid infection with HIV and prevent the transmission. In this order, people are more conscious of their acts and want to have more safe choices.

Development of a product that provides rapid results: The fact that the product available to be launched as OTC, delivers results in a very short period of time, makes it suitable to this market.

Question 2
Prepare a SWOT analysis for MedMira Aids Test.

Based in unique technology
International recognition by accuracy and price
Hospitals’ and Laboratories’ top leader HIV-kits sellers  credibility •Have a program of Corporate Social ResponsibilityWeaknesses •Difficulty obtaining the money need to make the investment to enter the market •Lack of a support system that would follow-up patients

Inexperience in follow-up systems
Be the pioneer in this kind of OTC market
Possibility of making a partnership with Home Access Health Corporation •Possibility of reaching the test to more people, mainly the ones who doesn’t have health insurance.Threats •Customers may not feel comfortable buying this kind of product in public •Lack of follow-up systems  patients...
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