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Summary of Various Art Mediums

If you’re like me, you like to have your hand in as many “pots” as possible. As I learn more and more about scrapbooking and different art forms, I’m discovering the vast world of art mediums. I never knew how much could be done within the realm of paper arts. In this article, I’ll give you the run-down of a few of the heavy hitters in the art mediums world and tell you a little about how each is used. Hopefully this will allow you to break away from your normal scrapbooking routine and get you interested in other art forms.

Gesso is mostly used by artists to “prep” a canvas. It can be used on heavily patterned papers to give it a clean slate and blank out portions of the paper. Gesso normally comes in black and white but if you look hard you can find it in other colors. Made of glue and chalk or plaster of Paris, you can use gesso as a primer for any art journal or altered item, helping paint or other mediums to adhere perfectly.

Mod Podge: A popular product to use for the decoupage technique, Mod Podge dries clear but leaves your project protected from everyday use. You first apply a coat to your base (book, project, etc.) then you lay your papers over and brayer them. After the papers are dried, you go back over the top with another layer of Mod Podge to “seal” them. Now your project can be handled by children and the papers won’t tear away. Mod Podge comes in many different finishes, like matte or glossy, so you can find the right one for your project.

PVA: PVA is similar to Mod Podge, in that it is a liquid glue, but it is a bit thicker than Mod Podge and is only used under your paper. I prefer PVA to Mod Podge as a liquid adhesive.

Texture Paste: Often called modeling paste, texture paste is used with putty knives to apply over stencils or alone. You can mix it with acrylic paint to add a color to it, but it is white when purchased. When added to a page it adds a 3-D effect.

TeagueGel Medium: Gel medium is a...
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