Meditation, Relaxation, and Its Effects

Topics: Meditation, Stress management, Relaxation technique Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Meditation, Relaxation, and its effects
When most people think of the word meditation, they picture someone sitting Indian style on the floor with their hands out in front of them saying the word “Ohm” repeatedly. Meditation goes much deeper than just a particular sitting position. To some people, it’s a way of life. There are people who practice meditation religiously, and some who do it every so often. “Webster's dictionary defines meditation as an 'act of spiritual contemplation'. It seems that in its wider modern usages, it denotes self-experience, self-realization and, in some religious traditions, a specific practice to achieve the discovery of the ultimate truth” (Albeniz 51). Other elements are linked to meditation, relaxation being one of them.

There are a countless number of things in life that can cause one stress, whether it’s a struggle at work, or a strain on your relationship. While going through these types of difficulties it is important for someone to be able to overcome these feelings of anxiety or distress. This is where meditation and relaxation come in. Although these two things are related, there is a difference between them. Meditation is used to go further than just the thinking mind and end in a more knowing state of consciousness. It is used to focus on one thought that could then lead to a boundless frame of mind. Relaxation on the other hand, is used more to not have to think about anything. It is so the person does not have to think about a thing and be able to escape from their daily worries.

Reasons why people meditate differentiate from person to person, as well as their side effects. The two main reasons are, “first, people meditate because they want to overcome psychological or emotional problems: meditation as a means for self-regulation. Second, people meditate to achieve a better understanding of life, enlarge their consciousness, and gain wisdom: meditation as a means to (positive) transformations in consciousness”...
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