Medisys Case

Topics: Project management, Team, Marketing Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: November 12, 2012
1.What are the issues in the IntensCare Project team?
* IntensCare was not intended as a mainstream project in the beginning. Only $500,000 was allocated, and people were often pulled away to work on other projects * A dedicated team was formed only after more than 1 year of work * Jack Fogel was assigned as Production Leader in spite of having been observed as laidback. * O¶Brien and Gerson were always looking out for each other and this bothered Merz. * Merz felt she was responsible for all deadlines but did not have the authority to get the others to meet their deadlines * Due to budget cuts, the number of engineers on the team had reduced and they were working part time on other projects too. * The technical team was not concerned with the legal aspect of it which Baio was pushing for * Gerson wasn¶t sure the offshore software development would be reliable. * Merz wanted a modular design but O¶Brien wasn¶t ready to change the design * There were space issues in the current design which weren¶t resolved * Project was behind schedule for the launch in August.

* Production had still not started due to design issues.
2.List out the factors contributing to the team conflict?
MediSys, a U.S.-based medical equipment maker, has been developing IntensCare, a new medical system for monitoring intensive-care patients. MediSys has invested heavily in IntensCare, which is eagerly awaited by the market. The product development team, representing several functional areas of the company, has been working on the product for the past six months but is now running into significant problems with the product design, the schedule, and their own group dynamics. Recently, the pressure increased when they learned that two more powerful competitors had begun work on their own products for this market. Several team members are concerned about meeting the team's targets. Struggling especially hard to overcome the various problems is the marketing...
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