Topics: Sales, Price, The Sale Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: February 16, 2011
  Mediquip Case Analysis What started with promise of a sure sale for Mediquip’s latest CT scanner technologies quickly dissolved after five months of client interaction. Kurt Thaldorf began losing client interest initially with a high starting price in June, which snowballed into even more client resentment through September. Even though he offered the CT scanner at a competitive DM 2,370,000, on September 29th, this number was already beyond consideration due to competitors’ early low offerings. The client, Lohmann University Hospital, had many players involved with reviewing the potential sale and began having internal disconnect when Thaldorf was forced to meet with them individually and share only certain information with each. Though this is typical for University Hospital settings, it only seemed to hurt Thaldorf’s chances. General Director Carl Hartman seemed to dismiss Mediquip on June 1st and left out other key decision makers Rufer and Steinborn. Thaldorf’s attempts from that point on were futile and due to the limited conversation he was able to have with Steinborn, who called on Mediquip personally, the sales relationship failed though it remained on the table until December 18th. Thaldorf could have improved his chances for a successful sale at the very beginning of client discussions. In May when Steinborn contacted Thaldorf, he should have scheduled a presentation for all key decision makers to attend and come with a more attractive price point. This would have grabbed everyone’s attention at once and made the impression that Mediquip was eager to sell to the hospital. From there, regular group meetings and litigations could have been scheduled which would have made Mediquip and Thaldorf more of a top runner and constant presence. Though the sale was Thaldorf’s responsibility, Mediquip’s regional manager and managing director were responsible for the allowable price Thaldorf was able to offer. If they had knocked that number down on June 30th...
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