Medieval Period

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Medieval period
-Known as the middle ages
-It is the era between the classical (ancient) period and the modern period -Started at the fall of ancient Rome and ended at the renaissance and the start of the age of exploration •Literature in this period flourished during the late middle ages or early renaissance •It also focuses on religious theme brought by the dominion of the catholic church Medieval literature

-All written works available in Europe and beyond during the middle ages -Composed of religious writings as well as secular works
Middle ages- from the fall of western Rome an empire to the beginning of Florentine renaissance Latin- common language for medieval writings
Greek and Old Church Slavonic
-Dominant written languages in eastern Europe

Medieval literature types of writing
oCaedmon (657-680)
The dreamer of the holy rood
oPierre Abelard
Keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th century oThomas Aquinas
Wrote summa theological
Doctor communis, doctor universa, doctor angelicus
Church’s greatest theologian and philosopher
-Non religious
-Not as numerous as what was produced in religious literature, but much has survived ex. Beowulf, nibelungenlied, song of roland oGeoffrey Chaucer
Famous medieval author
Canterbury tales
oSolomon Ibn Gabirol and Judah/yehuda halevi
Most prominent of Jewish secular poetry
Women’s literature
-Some women were able to use their skill with the written word oSt. Claire of Assisi, St. Bridget of Sweden, St Catherine of Siena Nuns
-Religious writing is the easiest avenue
oMarie de France, Christine de Pizam
Wrote influential texts in the secular realm
-Much medieval literature relied here to convey morals of authors oPsychomachia
Most influential
Battle of souls
oAurelius Clemens prudentius
-Examples are : Romance of the Rose , Everyman, Roman de Fauvel and the Divine Comedy...
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