Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

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  • Published : August 11, 2007
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Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

SCI 230
Introduction to Life Science

There are numerous Monuments all around the world. The monuments in Kosovo have been around since Medieval times and are in need of repair since being damaged from the ongoing war. We need to get the Serbian clergy to co-operate with the Kosovo government to get them to make all of the needed repair. With the help of investors and donations from the public we can make this happen. Right now there are four monuments listed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These sites were placed on the list because of there cultural importance to the world. These sites as like many others show a point in history where a significant change has taken place in human culture and in need to be protected for future generations and the historical community. Right now the four properties in Kosovo are Deèani Monastery Kosovo, Serbia, Patriarchate of Peæ Monastery Peæ, Kosovo, Serbia, Church of the Virgin of Leviša Priština, Kosovo, Serbia and Graèanica Monastery Prizren, Kosovo, Serbia. Here we will take some time to look at each of these and find out why they are so important. First we will look at the Deèani Monastery which was established in the fourteenth century by Serbian king Stephen Uros III Deèanski (of Deèani). "As a part of the historical and cultural heritage of Serbia, the High Deèani Monastery with its artistic and aesthetic values exceeds national significance. The monastery holds a valuable and rich treasury with icons dating from the XIV to the XVII centuries, old manuscripts and movables dedicated to the religious service" (Trajkoviæ, Fulgosi, & Gariæ, 2007). One of the reasons that this is important is because of the Fresco Paintings tat cover the walls of the Monastery. The outstanding fresco paintings, iconostasis and the throne icons, together with the entire movables, are actually the

original ones. The preserved fresco paintings...
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