Medieval Knights

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  • Published : March 16, 2011
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The medieval times focuses on groups of people in a wide variety of circumstances, settings and times. Medieval knights were warriors, and whose prime was in the late middle Ages: the twelfth though fourteenth centuries. Dominating the medieval battlefield during these years, they fought from horseback, wore body-covering armor, and used many weapons, most commonly the sword and the lance. Their skills at riding and in the use of weapons came from years of training. The special dress and training of medieval knights made them prepared for battles that would decide their people’s future.

For most of the Middle Ages, a man must have been born the son of a knight to become a knight. Knighthood was conferred only on members of the nobility. During the young years of a knight’s life, he had to be raised and cared for by his nurse, his mother and the other women of his father’s household. He had to be taught how to behave correctly, emphasized on courtesy, since knights were expected to have good manners-at least towards members of their own social class (Corrick, 29). At age seven or eight, many young knights were sent from home to begin a formal training for knighthood. In his new home, the lessons were continued and horsemanship was added in. He would spend part of his time as a glorified errand boy, and the rest training with blunted or wooden swords and also learning to hunt with a spear and bow. In rare cases, the boy was taught to read, but generally not to write, and receiving some religious instruction. (Vess, 7) At age fourteen, a page that made strong progress through the rough and very strict training he could move forward to becoming a squire. The squire continued his preparation but now under the guidance of a single knight, one of those usually living in the castle of his father’s lord. The squire’s responsibilities were numbered, so he usually had to succeed in them. Squires would accompany their master knight into battle, dress him, prepare the food...
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