Medieval Jousting Meets Classic Rock

Topics: A Knight's Tale, Jousting, Ulrich von Liechtenstein Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Medieval Jousting meets Classic Rock
In Brian Helgeland’s A Knight’s Tale, Heath Ledger plays a poor medieval thatcher that attempts to “change his stars” and become a Knight. In the beginning of the movie you see William Thatcher, played by Heath, find his master and Knight dead just before a jousting tournament. Instead of announcing his death Heath suits up and illegally takes his place in the competition. This becomes a common habit for William as him and his grounds crew, Roland and Wat, as they fake an identity for William as Knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein. After much needed practice the crew finds themselves going to the next big jousting event. On the way they meet Geoffrey Chaucer, a writer that has lost it all due to gambling, and Williams only hope of getting written proof of royal descendants which is required for all tournaments. Sir Ulrich goes on to win most tournaments as long as his rival, Count Ahdimar, does not attend them. Eventually, Count Ahdimar catches Sir Ulrich for the peasant he truly is and William is convicted of these crimes. Until, the Prince personally comes to Williams’s aide and Knights him Sir William Thatcher. He then goes on to win the final tournament against Count Ahdimar in spite of the fact that Count Ahdimar tipped his sticks to penetrate Sir Williams’s armor.

A Knight’s Tale was a very straight forward movie, there was few surprises and was for the most part predictable. From the beginning most viewers could already see the love conflict between Sir William and Jocelyn, while also realizing that eventually Sir Ulrich would be caught. Although the plot was plain, the acting held it all together. Heath did an excellent job showing the drive and potential his character, William Thatcher, truly had. Another amazing actor was Paul Bettany, who plays Geoffrey Chaucer; he was a comedic genius, with his stuck up remarks and his prank on the opposing speaker.

A movie can only be as good as it camera work. And the Knights...
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