Medicine River Essay

Topics: Play, Cognition, Decision making Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: May 24, 2013
1. 8 key points.
* Rugby players or athletes in general making bad decisions off the field * Lack of experience
* How to approach certain situations
* Lack of information on the other team/players
* We spend so much time training but when it comes time to make a decision in a natural situation, we tend to still make poor ones * Under natural conditions, we do not have a game play in our heads and are usually under extreme pressure * To achieve excellence using methods of recognition of typical courses of action, or by judging the urgency of the problem instead of hard training all the time * Most people should be able to use their source of power to overrun the normal decision makes process 2. This article has changed my perspective on the game as it explains in detail how to become a better and more effective rugby play or in any sport. This story relates to my perspective on fishing as I need to know many things about it to be able to catch fish but not only fish, the big ones and certain species. If I didn’t know what I did on fishing than I would not be able to win tournaments nor hold lake records for the largest weight of the species to come out of that lake. I have related something’s that had been said in this story to rugby but I had never thought about the thinking and strategizing parts of the game usually its run pass or crash as we carry out doing until senior years where we become learning more complex plays and what not.
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