Medicine and Family

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Angelina Pietroniro
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Value Assessment Results

When I did the assessment to find my values, my top results were family and health. Both are accurate but I did not expect them to be most important to me. The high score in family may mean I should get a job that provides enough money to help support my future family. I also can get a job that doesn’t travel too often or too far, so I can send time with my parents and siblings. I also scored high in health, which I did not expect. I’m not very interested in jobs regarding health in any medical field, but maybe for animals. The third highest result was humanitarianism. I care about the well being of other people and animals so this result does seem like one of my values. This assessment helped me figure out what I think is most important to me.

After taking this test, I found out I value family, health, and humanitarianism the most. Along with these was social contact, which I also didn’t expect. I scored the highest in family, but I believe I care the most about humanitarianism. I’m always interested in ways to help the earth and people on it. Although it would be effective to work with underprivileged children and families, I would like a job in animal rescue. But I may find a completely different job that I would like even more in a different field of humanitarianism. I do agree with the value of family because I am very close to them and want to provide a good environment if I become a parent. I also care about my health, but I’m not the kind of person who is always going to the doctor. But I do try to be healthy and clean. A job with social contact might benefit me because I like to be around people and in an enjoyable work space. But I wouldn’t want a job that I always had to speak in front of people. These values are overall accurate in describing me based on what I care about.

I feel like these values will mostly remain the same in the future. I may be more interested in making more money or...
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