Medication at Work Hsc 375

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Staff in the centre can only give out medication after they have completed and passed a Safe Handling of medication course, have a current up to date First Aid certificate and had been passed by management on a Competency Assessment in the centre.(This is reviewed every 12months) Medication is only accepted from clients if it is in the appropriate packaging i.e. original container with printed pharmacists label, all medication coming in or out of the centre is documented in appropriate way sighed and dated, when medication is running low members/carers are informed to send more in if required. We store medication in a locked cabinet/fridge in our IPP room with the key kept in main office.

When administering medication we always work in twos this is for our own safety and the members who are receiving the drugs. I would first wash my hands then collect the keys from main office, then with colleague go and retrieve the medication tin from the cabinet. Lock this behind us and keep key in safe area (on my person). I would either give out the medication, checking dosage and correct client through looking at file and checking with colleague and member or stay with meds tin and check that meds given correctly via colleague then sign and date the forms in the medication book. If a member refused medication I would document this also and inform management who would dispose of this in the correct manner. After meds given my colleague and myself would ensure meds box returned to cabinet locked away and key returned to office. If I had any major difficulties I would always seek managers advice
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