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Topics: Retirement, Policy, Ageing Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Policy Process II Paper
Lori Bair
University of Phoenix
Professor Rene Grosdidier
May 12, 2011
Workshop #4

Medicare Policy Process
Policy Process Part II is continuing Medicare policy examination from policy process part 1. Policy process part II is that surveys were perform by the Social Security Administration of the general population for data of new beneficiaries and retirees through their retirement years. This paper I will discuss the evaluation stage, analysis stage and the revision stage of the Medicare Policy process.

Evaluation Stage
The final stage in the policy in the policy making is the Evaluation Stage, and it is the effectiveness of the new laws. The policy research can play a responsibility in assessing, which new program has a problem or a change in behavior. Social Security evaluation generally takes surveys of the socioeconomic population, whose benefits that were changed. When the new policy is implemented, advocates, opponents or other “interested parties” begin to consider the consequences of the decision and its implementation (Cockrel, 97). The Social Security Administration relies on the population surveys’ taken by the Census for the data information on the elderly and disabled populations. This evaluation is sent to the Office of Research and Statistics of the Social Security Administration. The evaluation is in three parts: the completion of the study, identify gaps that should be filled before the retirement age becomes effective and the further research to fill the gaps. August 4, 1986 the report was sent to Congress and it began estimating the amount of workers retiring and who has illnesses. The study was limit to estimate the amount of the people with illnesses. Analysis stage

This analysis study was on the information in the 1982 New Beneficiary Survey from beneficiaries who received their first Social Security benefits in 1980 or 1981. The analysis showed that 18.5% of new retired workers had at...
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