Medicare and Medicaid

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Case 5.

According to the case study, Medicare and Medicaid were passed into law in the United States to provide coverage for health-care costs for their citizen, especially those who are elderly, poor, and disabled.

However, the limited federal budget could not keep up with the skyrocketing healthcare cost. As a consequence of improving health-care technology, which getting more complex and expansive, government is under pressure. Compared to 1994, on 2006, the total expense for Medicare and Medicaid has increased more than 10% to 26.4%. To control the cost of medical care government came up with Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989, but still that could not cover catastrophic illness from “wiping out a family’s assets and put a family in lifetime debt.

However, as discussed in the case, Toney Kincard’s health definitely improved after using newly developed medical technology. Development in health-care technology is essential as it can cure illness better but its increasing price is always burden to the government. As this is the case there are a lot of argument whether government should increase the commitment of the healthcare cost to cover the increasing health care cost or not.

For Utilitarian, their state is to provide the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.

governments should provide for the overall welfare of the population. Government should guarantee health services increases the welfare of the greatest number of people.8 nation promote a right to health care often combine the two moral principles. Utilitarian should both make poor and rich people happy.

If we following John Rawls’ Theory of Justice, government should try to cover if not all, most of the health care cost. His view is egalitarian, believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. All social primary goods - liberty and opportunity, income and wealth, and the bases of self-respect - are...
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