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AT&T Shell Life Cycle Management

Managed Network Services

AOTS-CM UID Provisioning and Account Setup


AT&T Service Transition

Version 1.9

08 February 2012

Version control

Document owner
MNS LCM Change Coordination
Document author
Paul Van Velsen

Version history
Version Number| Date of Revision| Contributor’s Name| Description of Revision| 1.0| 02/11/2010| Paul Van Velsen, Nikolas Panagiotidis | First approved version published.| 1.1| 10/02/2011| Paul Van Velsen| Updated Process Authorizer from Jeff Bufano to Wim Kersjes (chapter 2 step 10; chapter 3 step 9), chapter 5, step 9 text updated.| 1.2| 18/02/2011| Paul Van Velsen| Table heading in chapter 4 updated.| 1.3| 06/04/2011| Paul Van Velsen| Chapter 2, Step1 updated.| 1.4| 10/06/2011| Paul Van Velsen| Chapter 2, Steps 7 and 10 updated.| 1.5| 10/08/2011| Paul van Velsen| Updated Table 2, step 7 with new groups:GL-Shell-IPM (IP-Management)GL-Shell-UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration)| 1.6| 27/10/2011| Paul van Velsen| Updated Table 2, step 7 with a new group:GL-Shell-IPTcisco (for Central Voice Engineering team only)| 1.7| 01/11/2011| Paul van Velsen| Updated chapter 5 Logging in to AOTS-CM (First-Time Access), step 9.| 1.8| 11/01/2012| Paul van Velsen| Updated chapter 5 Logging in to AOTS-CM (First-Time Access), step 9.| 1.9| 08/02/2012| Paul van Velsen| Updated chapter 5 Logging in to AOTS-CM (First-Time Access), steps 2, 3 and 4.|

Table of contents
AOTS-CM UID Provisioning and Account Setup1
1.2Scope and target audience4
1.3Related documents and processes4
1.4Reader prerequisites4
2Requesting an AOTS-CM User-ID5
3Requesting Approver Rights9
4Installing AOTS Client Software11
5Logging in to AOTS-CM (First-Time Access)12

AT&T MNS for Shell IT is using the AT&T One Ticketing System (AOTS-CM) tool to support the change management process. All employees working in change management must have access to this tool. This document describes how to request a User-ID for AOTS-CM by making use of the AT&T Provisioning system. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that a User-ID for AOTS-CM can be requested and updated in the correct way in order to create and submit changes for Shell. If incorrect settings are used when requesting a User-ID then the User-ID will not work correctly and changes cannot be created. Scope and target audience

The scope of this document includes all the tasks involved to create and update a User-ID for AOTS-CM to support Shell exclusively. It does not cover settings for users supporting other customers than Shell. The target audience for this document is all AT&T staff involved in Change management working for the Shell account. Related documents and processes

Table [ 1 ]:Other sources of information directly related to the present document Item| Description|
LCM Document Center| Access point for all GST standards, procedures and other MNS Resource Planning and Change Coordination related documentation including:MNS Create a Request for Change Standard and Emergency Changes AOTS-CM|

LCM Document Center hyperlink refers to the AT&T SharePoint server farm.
All hyperlinks referring to the Shell internal network, like Intranet ( or Livelink ( are accessible via the Client for Contractors (C4C) portal: Copy Hyperlink and past into Browse URL field on C4C-page. Reader prerequisites

Be on boarded to the AT&T Shell LCM Change management process. Escalation
Send an e-mail to the owner of the document, MNS Change Coordination (Global MNS Change Coordination), or call +31(0)7041 88439 for: Any issues or questions on AOTS-CM User-ID requests
Giving details of any inaccuracies...
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