Medical Testing on Animals

Topics: Animal testing, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Animal rights Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Is Necessary Medical Testing on Animals?

Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook’s “The Evil Right of Animals” first appeared in May 19, 2001. In this essay Epstein and Brook aim to convince their readers that medical testing on animals is necessary. “Scientist are close than ever to finding cures for AIDS, cancer, and other deadly illness. But more research and testing are needed and much of it must be done on animals.” (Epstein and Brook qtd.). Pathos, specific evidence, and logical thoughts are techniques Epstein and Brook skillfully use to create a strong, convincing essay. Epstein and Brook begin their essay by use of pathos describing “Scientist are close than ever to finding cures for AIDS, cancer, and other deadly illness.”(Epstein and Brook qtd.). This technique immediately captures the reader’s interest. When human emotions are involved, persuasion usually is very effective. Although, the authors are addressing to everyone, but this technique is effective because it can touch the heart of people who have lived a personal experience related to the subject. For example, people who have suffered an illness would be mostly moved and motivated to agree with the message expressed by the authors. In this case, by the selection of their words, tone and intensity Epstein and Brook succeeded in transmitting an emotional and convincing argument. Also, they discuss the violence of protesters, the effect this violence has on the companies and individuals involved in the field, and the consequences the world would face were these professionals not allowed to further their work. “-there has been a series of violent attacks on people and property linked to the company. Eleven cars belonging to Huntingdon employees have been firebombed, a senior manager had a caustic substance thrown into his eyes by a protester, and the company's managing director was seriously beaten by masked assailants-."(Epstein and Brook qtd.). This example clearly provides support for the fact that...
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