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Topics: Respiratory system, Pulmonology, Larynx Pages: 4 (576 words) Published: May 15, 2011

Tommie Brown

May 15, 2011

American InterContinental University

• Describe an overview of the key anatomical parts of the respiratory system and how it works. • Describe possible diagnostic or surgical procedures associated with the respiratory system that are not mentioned in the Q&A section of this unit. • Include at least 10 medical terms including anatomy, diagnostic, and surgical terms. o Do an in-depth analysis of 5 of these terms. Identify the root, suffix, prefix, and their literal meaning. Describe how clinicians commonly use the word.

The Respiratory System involves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The body requires a constant amount of oxygen to function properly, though the body can survive for a short time without food or water we need oxygen to survive and it is required for all cells to survive, a lack of it can result in death. We as human beings taken in oxygen from air and release carbon dioxide (which is waste) and water through exhaling; the continual intake of oxygen (O2) and the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) is what’s necessary to sustain life.

The organs that make up the respiratory system are as followed Nose, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi, and Lungs. Through these organs oxygen and carbon dioxide is exchange; the respiratory system function the following ways:

1. Provides means for oxygen to reach the cells of the body.

2. Removes carbon dioxide, which is waste from the cell of the body.

3. Act as a filter to keep foreign material out of the lungs.

4. Helps with formation of sounds that are necessary for talking.


Pharynx- Muscular tube that allows for the passage of air and food.

Larynx- Voice box, vocal cords, made up of several pieces of cartilage with largest piece is the Thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple.

Trachea- Windpipe located in the front of the esophagus.

Bronchi- Part of the...
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