Medical Specialties: Psychiatry

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Medical Specialties: Psychiatry
In today’s medical practice, a primary care physician often relies on a network of specialists to help provide a patient with the best possible health care. Through additional education and training, physicians can specialize in any number of fields including immunology, dermatology, emergency medicine, hematology, oncology, neonatology, nephrology and psychiatry. Immunologists treat diseases of the immune system and the respiratory complications that accompany those diseases, including asthma, AIDS, or transplant rejection. Dermatologists study and treat melanoma, acne, sun damage, cosmetic issues and other conditions affecting the skin, hair, or nails. Emergency medicine is the medical specialty treating acute medical conditions that require immediate care. These conditions, including heart attacks, broken bones, and strokes often require in-hospital treatment in emergency rooms. Because of the severity and diversity of the injuries and illnesses that present to an emergency room require an emergency room doctor to interact with physicians in many different specialties, as well as being well versed in multiple areas of medicine themselves. Hematology is the treatment of blood disorders, such as anemia, blood clots, and bone marrow failures. Oncologists specialize in treating cancers. Often these two specialties intertwine, because certain types of cancer, like leukemia, affect the blood or blood forming organs. Newborn babies, especially those born premature or ill, receive hospital-based care from neonatologists. A neonatologist would also be responsible for treating infants born with fetal alcohol syndrome or infant chemical dependency. Patients who are suffering kidney failure, infections, or cysts may be referred to a nephrologist for treatment. Finally, psychiatry is the study and treatment of the addictive or personality disorders that affect the behavior and mental health of a patient.

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