Medical Specialties

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One of the many options you have as a healthcare professional is choosing a medical specialty in which to practice. Whether you’re a nurse, a physician, or allied health professional, choosing a medical specialty will help focus your educational goals, job search efforts, and career choices.

The sooner you identify your true passion in medicine, the more successful you may become, by working in a field you love. For example, is your passion working with kids, pregnant moms, cancer patients, or the elderly? Do you want to ease the pain of the dying, or bring new life into the world? Consider the various specialties: 1. Allergy and Immunology

The medical specialty of Allergy and Immunology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. 2. Anesthesiology
Anesthesiology is the medical specialty focusing on administering pain-killing drugs during surgery in the operating room. Anesthesiology also includes the field of Pain Management, a sub-specialty which helps manage chronic (ongoing) pain in patients with prescription medication, injections, or other therapeutic methods.

3. Dermatology
The field of dermatology focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the skin. 4. Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine is the field which focuses on emergent, or acute medical care of patients who need immediate medical attention due to trauma, accident, or a major medical event. 5. Family Medicine

Family medicine is a primary care field overseeing the basic healthcare needs of patients of all ages, from infant to geriatric. 6. Internal Medicine
Internal medicine is similar to family medicine in that it includes primary care and basic healthcare management of all areas of a patient's health. However, internal medicine typically does not include pediatrics or obstetrics, whereas family medicine often does. Additionally, internal medicine includes more in-depth training and patient care in a hospital setting and acute...
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