Medical Record Speech Assignment

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Electronic Medical Record Speech
Michelle Hardman

The difference between a paper based and electronic medical record system is where the paper-based records has been around for a very long time and have been known to be a replacement by computer-based records in the western health care systems. The electronic medical record (EMR) systems where mainly used for administrative usage rather than clinical purposes. Whereas, the electronic medical record is a computerized health information system, it is paperless, multi provider of a computerized medical record, which has been a goal for many researchers, health professionals, for the past 20 plus years. Throughout the past decade, the change that has affected the western countries has become stronger than before. The evidence has shown that the current systems are safe, high quality, more efficient and the cost of effective healthcare with the electronic medical record system and will continue move forward.

There are terms that are used in the field that includes the electronic medical record (EMR), electronic patient record (EPR), and electronic health record (EHR), these provides patient’s care if be carried out with different practices or hospitals. The key capabilities of an electronic health record system that is used to identify the types of functions that are able to perform for efficiency in the health care system.

The eight capabilities includes Health information and data which is the key of access to information for patients’ diagnoses, lab test results and medications would help improve the decision s on time, Health information and data, result management, order management, decision support, electronic communication and connectivity, patient support, administrative process, and reporting.

Result management is the ability for the providers to care for patients to have the access of the test results and it would increase patient safety and care. Order management is the ability to...
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