Medical Record Keeping

Topics: Electronic medical record, Physician, Medical record Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: November 25, 2010
1.What are the problems with America’s current medical recordkeeping system? How would electronic medical records alleviate these problems?

The majority of America’s current medical record keeping is paper based which creates a lot of problems like:- a.Recordkeeping became really difficult with growing numbers of patients and their visits to Medical Practitioner. There are shelves full of folders and papers in corridors. b.It makes it difficult to effective communication, referring and access to the records. During emergency it could be the matter of life and death. c.It’s difficult to systematically examine and to share the information; the updating of these records is almost a challenge. There are cases of wrong entry and duplicate entries etc. d.When a patient changes a Doctor or moves to other problems, it becomes a hassle for patient as well as for Doctor.

The electronic medical records will allow patients to enter their basic medical data into an online site initially and after that Doctor also will be able to send relevant information for regular update. This system will make record keeping more effective and streamlined which are easily accessible. The use of electronic record keeping reduces errors in medical records. The handwritten records are subject to lots of human errors due to misspelling, illegibility, and differing terminologies. Thus digitations and standardisation of records will make the information universally accessible and cost effective too. Apart from this, it could also be used for remainder message for refilling of prescription, directories for doctors and personalised health advice.

2.What are the pros and cons of electronic patient records? Do you think the concerns over digitizing our medical records are valid? Why or why not? The main proponents of electronics patient record cite the following advantages: a.The electronics patient records reduce errors in medical records. With the use of electronics patient records...
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