Medical Office Administration

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April 3, 2010
Dear College Friend,
I first want to welcome you to Heald College. I know this must be a very exciting and challenging time in your life. Making a decision like this one, could be a dramatic change. I like to think of this as a Fresh Start.

I can't say how important it is to prioritize yourself. First you can start by deciding what is the most important thing that you would like to accomplish. Then start on your daily lifestyle by using a daily planner. Figure out a short and a long term goal. Work towards your short term goals first then your long term goals will seem more realistic.

I feel as if one of the most important things about college is to be focused and to get rid of any negative distractions. Also you will need to be very diverse. There are a lot of different cultures that we will be exposed to. The need to be very open mind is a must. Change can be rewarding if we let it and we can learn a great deal from other cultures.

Another factor that I’ve discovered while attending Heald is to make sure that you choose a career that fits you, it has to be personal and you have to enjoy it. Also make your classes fit your schedule. Utilize all your resources: your counselor, the college library, the internet and any type of information resources. These are all very good tools that can be used throughout the rest of our lives.

While in college having the correct amount of sleep and eating properly play a major role. It contributes to our thinking. You can concentrate better and absorb more information by getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables also gives us vitamins.

These are some suggestions that are working for me and other fellow classmates to help achieve one of our long term goals. Be blessed in your success! Yours truly,
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