Medical Negligence

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Chronic conditions cannot be cured.
Answer True
An indicator of maximized quality of care.
| A.| Clinical practice guidelines are implemented|
| B.| Interpersonal aspects of caregiving are emphasized| | C.| Processes are improved|
| D.| Desired outcomes are achieved|
2 points
Question 3
People _____ years of age and older are generally categorized as elderly. Answer
| A.| 65|
| B.| 80|
| C.| 70|
| D.| 55|
2 points
Question 4
Example of an intramural service.
| A.| Respite care|
| B.| Assistive living facility|
| C.| Home health care|
| D.| Adult day care|
2 points
Question 5
Example of an extramural community-based service.
| A.| Adult day care|
| B.| Meals On Wheels|
| C.| Assistive living facility|
| D.| Home health care|
2 points
Question 6
The majority of people 65 years of age or older in the United States are in fair to poor health. Answer True
2 points
Question 7
Section 202 housing is available to which group of people?
| A.| Low-income families|
| B.| Low-income and disabled|
| C.| Anyone age 65 and over|
| D.| Low-income people who are 62 years or over|
2 points
Question 8
What is a transitional care unit?
| A.| A facility that renders intense rehabilitation therapies.| | B.| A hospital unit that treats multiple chronic problems requiring hospital-level care.| | C.| A subacute care unit located in a skilled nursing facility.| | D.| A subacute care unit located in a hospital.|

2 points
Question 9
Who is the largest payer for hospice services?
| A.| Medicare|
| B.| Medicaid|
| C.| Veterans Administration|
| D.| Private insurance|
2 points
Question 10
Who is the largest payer for home health services?
| A.| Private insurance|
| B.| Medicaid|
| C.| Private individuals|
| D.| Medicare|
2 points
Question 11
The medical director of the nursing facility reports to the
| A.| board of health|
| B.| director of nursing|
| C.| administrator|
| D.| governing body|
2 points
Question 12
What is the minimum requirement for RN staffing in nursing facilities? Answer
| A.| An RN must be employed on each tour of duty.|
| B.| An RN must be employed for eight consecutive hours per day, every day of the week.| | C.| For every three LPNs (LVNs), there must be one RN.| | D.| An RN is not required if the DON has a bachelor's degree in nursing.| 2 points

Question 13
A patient with dementia can have
| A.| delirium|
| B.| both depression and delirium|
| C.| neither depression nor delirium|
| D.| depression|
2 points
Question 14
A plan of care must be prepared within ____ days of completing the assessment. Answer
| A.| 14|
| B.| 5|
| C.| 7|
| D.| 3|
2 points
Question 15
At which stage of dementia are you likely to observe long-term memory loss? Answer
| A.| Very severe|
| B.| Severe|
| C.| Mild|
| D.| Moderate|
2 points
Question 16
Residents can get both active and passive stimulation during individual as well as group activities. Answer True
2 points
Question 17
Depressed residents should be involved in structured group activities as opposed to informal group activities. Answer True
2 points
Question 18
Sensory deprivation speeds up degenerative changes in mind and body. Answer True
2 points
Question 19
Evaluation of activity programming should focus on whether or not expected outcomes are being achieved. Answer True
2 points
Question 20
The desired areas of service for volunteering should be chosen by the volunteers, not by the activity director. Answer True
2 points
Question 21
Volunteers should be...
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