Medical Marijuana Research Paper

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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How many people are dying every day from the consumption of tobacco around the world? Have you ever known someone who has died from the consumption of weed? Or have you seen people suffering dramatic health experiences from consumption of weed like tobacco does? They have some very addictives products that are legal all over the globe why can’t marijuana be legal as well? Well it’s because the government is receiving lots of cash every single day in taxes for the consumption of those shitty products, which are killing our people slowly.

Never before has my brother smoked not even in college. Then as he came back from serving as a gunner in Iraq his head was very messed up and he was very depressed. He took numerous different anxiety and depression meds from the VA, unfortunately nothing helped. I watched everyday as he drank a half a bottle of vodka or whiskey a day and never left the house. One day he was introduced to medical marijuana by an old veteran. When he smoked it he no longer had the desire drink and it seemed to me he was at least mildly happy. As a surprise I bought him a volcano vaporizer and taught him how to make excellent marijuana chocolate chip cookies. He told me that it worked so much better than the handful of meds the government gave to him. When my brother drank he became very irritable and was violent, however when he had some sort of THC in him he was in a good mood and much more social. It only takes a bit of soil and sun for this plant of god to make a big difference in my life. My brother spent an overwhelming 700 dollars for a 30 day supply of pills. Honestly I just ask myself WTF? Please do not judge the plant until you understand it and look into why after thousands of years of cultures having no problem with it the government ends up banning it for pretty much bull shit reasons brought on by a very few powerful people. Even if only for recreation what is so bad about a simple plant that could be a free or even taxable...
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