Medical Marijuana Argumentative Paper

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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James Morton

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized
Marijuana has been used recreationally as well as medicinally for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of inhalation of marijuana, a small pile of charred cannabis/seeds, was found in Romania and believed to be dated prior to the 3rd millennia BCE. Marijuana use is considered to be beneficial to some, however has been controversially classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance, making it as illegal as heroin, politicians claim it to be more dangerous than cocaine, with little to no factual basis. Based upon my personal use of medical marijuana, I have seen more positive than negative effects, and believe it should be decriminalized so as to ease the pain, suffering, anxiety, and mental anguish of thousands upon thousands of would be criminal users.

Herodotus and many other historical figures have used marijuana and claimed it to have medicinal purposes. Cultures have used marijuana for such purposes as religious experiences, some believed it to bring them closer to their God (Rastafarian), Mayans’ claimed it to ease headaches, fever, and also to improve hand-eye coordination. Americans have begun to realize marijuana for its medicinal benefits such as its effect on cancer cells; components of marijuana have been shown to slow the progression of cancer cells if not stop them altogether, slow the progression of alzheimers, ease the pain and suffering of those enduring countless diseases, and help those with problems such as PTSD, anxiety, and eating disorders.

I found at the age of 12 that my right arm was hurting due to the fact that I had rheumatoid arthritis which had occurred from a break at age 5. All the while I ignored doctors orders and kept playing sports with only 75% use of my right arm, and did so quite well competitively. At age 17, I was injured during a baseball game and never played again, underwent surgery to remove bone fragments in my elbow and my world of pain began. I was...
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