Medical Marijuana

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October 13, 2010
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At the end of my speech, the audien will understand the purpose of medical marijuana. Introduction
In 1972 marijuana was placed on the controlled Substance act, the US government considered it to have not accepted medical use in treatment in the United States currently 14 of 50 states currently have approved the medical use of marijuana for qualified patients according to Central Idea

Medical marijuana have been approved by some states.
We will first discuss the what medical marijuana is used for, the medical marijuana laws, and how it effects our world today. Body
I.Medical marijuana is used for victims with certain diseases and conditions such as: A .AIDS/HIV patients with this disease suffer from nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety being prescribed medical marijiana which comes in a dosage of a pill can help relieve chronic neurological pain and help them gain an appetite so they can eat. B. Arthritis pain which is inflammation in one or more joints these patients are prescribed medical marijuana. Many of the nerves in your body is loaded with cannanbinoid receptors which reduce swelling they work with the [eripheral nerves that carry pain from your joint into the spinal cord. C. Glaucoma Mayo clinic stated in Aug 25, 2006 that marijuana reduces pressure in the eyes which reduces the risks of having Glaucoma II. Medical Marijuana laws

A.28.5 grams or less is a misdemeanor and will cause a fine of 100 dollars B. More than 28.5 grams is a misdemeanor and the person will be charged with intent to sell and can spend up to 6 months and prison and will be fined 500 dollars. C. Anyone caught growing marijuana will be subject to a felony and will be incarcerated for 16-36 months D If a minor is under 21 and convited they will be subject to a license suspension for one year. E The 14 out of 50 states have passed these laws keep those who abuse the law are kept behind bars. III How does it affect...
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