Medical: Hospital Pharmacy

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Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Pharmacy

Edited by Martin Stephens
Southampton, UK

BPharm, MSc, MRPharmS, MCPP Associate Medical Director, Clinical Effectiveness and Medicines Management Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

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Marjorie, thank you for your patient support.


Preface About the editor Contributors Abbreviations Introduction 1 Hospital pharmacy within the National Health Service Martin Stephens History Payment by results The Next Stage Review The NHS from 2010 Hospital pharmacy within the NHS The future References Further reading 2 Pharmacy in the acute independent sector Karen Harrowing Introduction Independent sector and the NHS – from concordat to free choice Plurality of provision and patient choice References Further reading 3 Purchasing medicines Howard Stokoe and Phil Deady Background Aims of the service How the service has developed Hospital procurement and the application of EU legislation

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viii | Contents

Looking forward References Further reading 4 Medicines supply and automation Chris Green and Don Hughes History Current systems Storage arrangements Ordering ward stock Supply to outpatients New and emerging technologies References Further reading 5 Controlled drugs in hospital pharmacy Liz Mellor Background: legislative framework The accountable officer Standard operating procedures Routine monitoring and auditing Inspection, self-assessment and declaration to the relevant authority Collaboration and local intelligence networks Medicines management Conclusion References Further reading 6 Technical services Graham Sewell History Licensing issues Repackaging (prepacking, assembly) Non-sterile manufacture Sterile manufacture Aseptic preparation Intravenous additives Total parenteral nutrition Cytotoxics Radiopharmaceuticals Facilities and equipment

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Contents | ix

Education and training for hospital technical services Health and safety and environmental issues The future Acknowledgement References Further reading 7 Quality assurance Ian M Beaumont The NHS quality agenda and the role of the quality assurance pharmacist Clinical governance Risk management Medication errors The aims of NHS pharmaceutical quality assurance services Development, issue, implementation and monitoring of standards and guidance Quality assurance and quality control of medicines The future References Further reading 8 Medicines information Peter Golightly and Christine Proudlove History Structure and activities Aims and strategy Roles and skills Ethics and legal issues Clinical governance and risk management Activities Support for decision-making...
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