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Keep Patients Waiting?
Not in my Office


Class: MGMT 363
Productions and Operations Management
Date: Week 8 Research Assignment
December 12, 2011

The medical field is a very busy industry since people seem to always be very sick. There are many different doctors that are in need especially at different times of the year. In this one case, this doctor is all about making sure that his patients are being well taken care of and most importantly being taken care of on time.

Healthcare offices are under a great deal of pressure to reduce costs and improve quality of service.   In recent years, healthcare organizations have concentrated on preventive medicine practices and have tried to reduce the length of time that patients stay in their waiting room for services. Outpatient services have gradually become an essential component of healthcare. During this case study it was very vivid to me that the doctor was all about making sure that his patients were never waiting any long periods of time as well as being able to be seen during times of emergencies. Another big problem was the phone being answered and then having to deal with the late comers.

Patient waiting times and waiting-room congestion in outpatient settings are two challenges facing the healthcare industry. Survey results indicate that excessive waiting time is often the major reason for patients' dissatisfaction with outpatient services. Waiting times of 10-15 minutes are considered reasonable. With is being said, there re certain ways that appointments should be booked in order to make sure that every patient is being seen without having to wait any long periods of times. Some of these ways to make sure that patients are waiting to long are as follows: • Allot proper amount of time for each visit of course this solely depends on the type of visit • Patients must be taught to respect their appointment time • Allow several times for what the patient is being seen for

Another subject that was brought up during this case is the fact the emergency patients must in fact be fitted in some where so that they can be seen as well. In this specific case this doctor must always be available since he also delivers babies much more take care of children who in fact doesn’t understand the fact that they must wait unlike us adults. In this case the doctor gives the patient with present or future appointments an option to either wait or make an appointment for a future date.

The biggest thing with most doctors like that care about their patients is the mere fact that they don’t like waiting so therefore they wouldn’t want their patients to be waiting since after all what this also cause is: • Lost of business

• Lost of patients since most patients don’t like to wait • Bad reputation from existing patients

Some ways to be able to handle not eventually gaining a bad reputation is by always making sure that you keep a professional demeanor through every late appointment by apologizing and explaining what happened so that these patient would understand that you are in high demand for not only their babies but also for those that are coming into the world. Though most people don’t care but just for their own it is only eight to accommodate that patient if so need be during emergency situations.

Knowing eventually that this doctor is a pediatrician it is only fair to make sure that every little patient is being taken care of to the best of the ability. With this being said, another big problem that is presented in this case is the phone since you have people calling in to handle their business or even requesting things for their kids. Because most patients would rather speak to the doctor themselves it is only fair to make sure that the doctor keep sit very short.

A good gesture to handle telephone calls would be to have just one receptionist handle all incoming and outgoing calls...
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