Medical Examiner

Topics: Medicine, Immigration to the United States, Infectious disease Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Many immigrants came to the United States for different reason and for a new opportunity. They came to America for a hope of starting a new, better life since they probably had a rough life back home, or to get away from previous problems back home. Once the immigrants arrived they were first medically examined by the medical examiner, me.

As a medical examiner, there were many immigrants I saw as they came to me to be examined if they where medically cleared from any diseases or health problems. The immigrants I examined came from different countries, some were tall, some short, some skinny, some fat, and they all were of different skin color. My job as a medical examiner was to fully examine each and every immigrant for any type of health problems. I communicated to the immigrants but in a language that they did not understand. I had to check the patients for any lumps or skin diseases by carefully examining their skin and feeling for any bumps or lumps. In addition I examined their breathing for tuberculosis, and also for any other abnormalities I found in the immigrants. If I found any health problems I labeled them with what I had diagnosed in them and sent them to quarantine where they would further be evaluated after a period of time to see if they could live in America. The immigrants that I medically cleared were then sent with a legal inspector where they would be questioned and if the immigrants in the quarantine were medically cleared after the set period of time, then they would go to the legal inspector. Those immigrants that were not cleared after being sent to the quarantine were not allowed to immigrate to America because they had a serious health problem like tuberculosis.

These immigrants faced a long and hard journey to get to America but that was only the beginning since they had to be medically examined. Still even if they were medically cleared they still had to pass a legal inspection. It was hard for immigrants to be able to live in...
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