Medical Consent

Topics: Health care, Informed consent, Health care provider Pages: 4 (1570 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The topic I chose is informed consent. It is a difficult and complex topic with many different laws and viewpoints. The laws of consent often vary by state and in my opinion are often not fully understood by many people. There are many ethical issues that can take place from not completely understanding the consent form. Many people do not read the form at all and consequently do not know their rights as a patient. Patients sometimes sign the consent form without fully understanding everything that is required for them to know. When an issue comes up it can then quickly escalate to an ethical issue that can only be resolved in court because they were not aware of all the possibilities. Patients must not agree to the consent form without being entirely aware of all the possibilities. Nurses and physicians can be extremely busy and overwhelmed. Heath care professionals should have the time to go over all aspects of the consent form to help prevent an ethical issue. In my essay I will explain the basics of informed consent, ethical issues associated with informed consent, some of the problems with the consent form itself, and some theories that may improve the consent form. It is imperative for heath care professionals and patients to be educated about the consent form and specifically what their states laws are regarding consent. Many people do not know the meaning of “informed consent” and how important it is for the patient and the heath care industry. Informed consent gives the authority for heath care workers to treat patients. According to (Taylor, 2008), “informed consent is a formal authorization by the child’s parents or guardian allowing an invasive procedure to be performed or for participation in research.” Usually before a heath care profession can even touch a patient a consent form must be signed. Informed consent is required in all heath care agencies. It is vital that the health care workers and patients understand what the consent form consist of...
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