Medical Case Study Terminology

Topics: Knee, Anesthesia, Anterior cruciate ligament Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 14, 2011
1.The patient was diagnosed with a Left knee arthroscopy with partial medial meniscectomy which simply means that there is torn cartilage in the left knee along with softening and/or breakdown of the tissue that lines the kneecap(platella).Post-op shows that during surgery the crescent shaped posterior horn that acts like a shock absorber was not able to be repaired. Also the tissues that aligns the kneecap remained at grade 2 if the grade increased it would make the condition worse. 2. IV of Fluids She is to receive an iv of 900 cc's of crystalliod, the most. Common is saline which helps resuscitation and expand extracellular space. Saline is similar to blood but is a salt water solution that will help replenish the body during surgery. 3.Chondromalacia Runners knee, or chondromalacia, is anterior knee pain due to irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap. Supine Lying on the back or having the face upward

Proximal Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin, a point of attachment, or the midline of the body. Esmarch bandage prevents the flow of blood to or from the distal area, making it easier to operate. The limb is often elevated as the elastic pressure is applied Exsanguinate to stop from bleeding out and bleeding to death Range of motion and laxity the degree of movement that a lever is capable of completing when restricted by a joint and its surrounding tissues. Trocar is a medical instrument with a sharply pointed end, often three-sided, that is used inside a hollow cylinder (cannula) to introduce this into blood vessels or body cavities. Arthroscope a type of endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision Lavage is a general term referring to cleaning or rinsing. Postoperative Happening or done after a surgical operation.

Articular Of or relating to a joint or joints
Cruciate ligaments Either of two ligaments, anterior and posterior, that pass from the intercondylar area of the...
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