Medical Care for an Aging Population

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Medical Care for an Aging Population

Chad Sommers


January 12, 2012

Pranab Rout

Aging is an inevitable event that all people will have to face at sometime in their life. No matter gender, ethnicity, or race, aging affects every individual in different ways as unique as their own personality. As the Baby-Boomer generation begins to reach retirement age, there is becoming an urgent need for expanding the national geriatric medical services. Even though there is an increase in a healthier population of seniors in today’s world, there are still many elderly people with multiple chronic illnesses, ranging from kidney failure to high blood pressure. Many of the illnesses (both major or minor) can be very expensive to treat. Like many other countries around the world, the United States, is in a health care crisis. According to an article by Thomas Day “About Medical Care for the Elderly” (2008), “Older Americans are starting to see a bias towards them from all walks of life.” Whether it be the media, that sees them as fragile, weak individuals, or younger Americans that see them as a bother to society, or even various doctors that feel that they have to treat them differently just because of their age. The article goes on to explain that in recent years there is evidence starting to be discovered that at all levels there is a difference in health care delivery between younger, healthy individuals and aging, senior individuals. Some of the biases that have been shown in recent years are: health care professionals are not receiving enough training in geriatrics to properly care for older patients, older patients are less likely than younger people to receive preventive care, and older patients are less likely to be tested or screened for diseases and other health problems.

After reading this article some solutions that could be suggested is better training by health care professionals...
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