Medical Care for an Aging Population

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Medical Care for an Aging Population

Medical Care for an Aging Population

As society ages, it has become evident that health care is going to have to be ready for the explosion of the people who will be turning 65 in the near future. Elderly people often have multiple chronic illnesses, expensive to treat, and they are apt to require costly hospital readmissions, sometimes as often as 10 times in a single year. (Freudenheim 2010) Medical care for those over 65 is different from medical care provided to those above that age group. Those who are over 65 suffer from illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, gout, incontinence and depression. Let us take a look at this nationwide dilemma and some helpful suggestions and solutions that just may make a difference.

There are 3 websites/articles that deal with the issue of Geriatric care in the United States and the research that is being conducted to help find better ways of providing excellent medical care to those who are over 65. The first website/article belongs to the National Care Planning Council/Long Term Care Link. This website focuses on the importance of medical care for the elderly. It is a website created by Dr. Rob Stall. Dr. Stall gives us the “American Perspective on Aging and Health.” Dr. Stall talks about how our society basically puts a major emphasis on youth and basically casts the elderly aside. In recent years evidence has been mounting to suggest that, at all levels in the delivery of healthcare, there is a prevailing bias-ageism- that is at odds with the best interests of older people. This prejudice against the old in American healthcare is evidenced by scores of recent clinical studies, surveys and medical commentaries, many of which are referenced here. In this report, we outline five key dimensions of the ageist bias in which U.S. healthcare fails older Americans: • Healthcare professionals do not receive enough...
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