Medical Billing Training Plan

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Medical Billing Training Plan
Medical billing is an essential part in the success of health care businesses in today’s society. When it comes to billing for health care, it is more complicated than other types of billing departments. Health care providers and insurance companies play a major part in the medical billing cycle. Medical billing personal must understand the proper use of the documentation so that health care facilities are properly reimbursed. Medical billing offices skills are relying more and more on technology. This includes computer software and computer programs for the billing process. It is also very important for the medical billing specialist to have excellent customer service skills in order for the health care facility to be successful. To be a top notch health care facility, the medical billing specialist must be effectively trained with their facilities training plan. There are ten steps to fully understand the medical billing process. The first step is gathering patients’ personal information. This information is obtained from the patient. The second step is to understand if the patient has health insurance or are they considered to be private pay patients. The third step is once the previous two steps are done and the patient makes an appointment, once they arrive in the office, more information is needed. This is done by having the patient complete a patient information form. Once completed, it is placed in the patient medical records. The fourth step occurs after the patient has seen the physician. The patient is ready to be checked out. The patient is given paper work from the physician, which has his or her notes from the exam of the patient. These notes will include doctor’s diagnosis, any procedures that may have been done, as well as code numbers that describe the patient’s problem. The fifth and sixth step goes hand in hand. The fifth step is where coding is selected and the sixth step is the step where the...
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