Medical Billing and Coding

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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JANUARY 30, 2011

Medical billing and coding is my chosen academic field of study. I chose this particular field because you have the option to work at home or at an onsite location. Medical billing and coding is ideal for a person who has a regular job and would like to make extra money. Working from home will allow me to select my own hours, control the amount of work I wish to do, choose my clientele, prepare my own invoices, and spend time with my family especially my grandchildren. Medical Billing from Home-Pros and Cons. Medical coding and billing is ideal for a person who has a regular job and would like to make extra money. Knowing what you will be doing and how long the job will last is very important. Working at home does not allow for interaction, it is strictly a one person setting. If you are working under a contract, you need to know the length of the contract and when it ends, and if there is anymore work to be done. Generating medically coded invoices is the main work item. This helps communication with the patient and aids in dealing with the various insurance companies. The medical billing process from has a great deal of various benefits. Medical billing will let you escape the need to work in some tight “cubicle” surrounded by co-workers and a boss. In medical billing from home you must be will-informed regarding the billing codes related to the diagnoses, procedures, etc. Medical Billing from Home-Pros and Cons. The most dangerous aspect about medical billing from home is the large number of scams, which try to get you to spend a lot of money for useless job opportunities. Scammers often skillfully hide or disguise their advertisements. They may state that they are training and software providers, or as employers. They usually try to sell you extremely expensive software (sometimes up to...
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