Medical Assisting

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Description of MA:
Fl statute 458.3485
professional multiskilled person dedicated to assisting in all aspects of medical practice under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician. This practitioner assists with patient care management, executes administrative and clinical procedures, and often performs managerial and supervisory functions. Competence in the field also requires that a medical assistant adhere to ethical and legal standards of professional practice, recognize and respond to emergencies, and demonstrate professional characteristics. Web-Their clinical duties may include preparing patients for examination and/or treatment, obtaining blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, administering medication, assisting the physician in the examination, performing phlebotomy and medical laboratory procedures and electrocardiograms, taking x-rays, sterilizing equipment, and assisting with minor office surgery. Clerical duties include scheduling and receiving patients, maintaining medical records, handling telephone calls, and assuming responsibility for billing, collections, and insurance claims. Medical assistant responsibilities vary from one office to another. In a small office the assistant may be a generalist while in a large office the physician may expect the assistant to perform either clerical or clinical duties, but not both. 458.3485 (2) DUTIES.—Under the direct supervision and responsibility of a licensed physician, a medical assistant may undertake the following duties: (a) Performing clinical procedures, to include:

1. Performing aseptic procedures.
2. Taking vital signs.
3. Preparing patients for the physician’s care.
4. Performing venipunctures and nonintravenous injections. 5. Observing and reporting patients’ signs or symptoms.
(b) Administering basic first aid.
(c) Assisting with patient examinations or treatments.
(d) Operating office medical equipment.
(e) Collecting routine laboratory specimens as directed by the physician. (f) Administering medication as directed by the physician. (g) Performing basic laboratory procedures.
(h) Performing office procedures including all general administrative duties required by the physician. (i) Performing dialysis procedures, including home dialysis. (3) CERTIFICATION.—Medical assistants may be certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants or as a Registered Medical Assistant by the American Medical Technologists.

By law, whenever a medical assistant provides ANY type of direct patient care the supervising doctor, or licensed health care professional in charge MUST be physically present in the medical office, or building! This rule applies in every US state regardless of how well trained the medical assistant might be, what his/her credentials are and how many years of experience he/she has. Direct supervision requires the physical presence of the supervising doctor in the office before, during, and after the administration, and includes the diagnosis, authorization, and evaluation of the patient. Any other use and means is illegal and will be taken very seriously, with very SERIOUS consequences. It has been asked whether a medical assistant can be entrusted with the key to the controlled substances locker. This decision is left up to the discretion of the supervising physician. o, ALL medical assistants in every state must properly introduce themselves as such, as to not being mistaken for registered nursing staff by a patient. Furthermore, they must never offer any medical advice and always assure patient privacy, careful documentation, and safe keeping of the patient's medical records at all times. 1. Prepare and file medical records and patient charts

2. Maintain medical records using standard filing systems 3. Perform inventory control and ordering supplies
4. Maintain and adjust medical office equipment
5. Manage a petty cash drawer
6. Post service charges and payments
7. Gather community...
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