Medical Assisting

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Davenport University is one of the leading schools in Business, Technology, and Health. The school is one of the few that offer and associates of applied sciences degree for Medical Assisting. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing career fields in today’s economy. Medical assisting is an excellent career choice because people will always need medical attention, and the world needs more qualified medical professionals. Medical assisting consists of performing administrative and clinical duties under the direction of a physician. The administrative duties include scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, and billing. The clinical duties include taking vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examinations, and drawing blood. Other tasks a medical assistant is responsible for are authorizing drug refills and providing prescription information to pharmacies, preparing and administering medications as directed by the physician, and explaining medications, diets, procedures, or physicians instructions to patients. Tools that a medical assistant will use include intramuscular needles, intradermal needles, baumanometers, and manual blood pressure measuring equipment. They will also use nebulizers, ophthalmoscopes, and spirometers. Medical assistants have various computer technologies they have to use on a daily basis. Knowledge of billing software, Microsoft Exchange, and electronic medical record software is necessary to a medical assisting career. Some employers also require knowledge of business software applications, such as Microsoft Office. Necessary skills a medical assistant must possess are active listening, giving full attention to what others are saying and speaking clearly. Conveying information correctly is also very important. Being able to communicate effectively in writing and demonstrate critical thinking skills are vital to a medical assisting career. A true medical assistant will always be actively looking...
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