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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Tasha Sifuentes
Notes for my final essay
Licensure and Certification requirements for Medical Assistant State, Federal and professional licensure and certification requirements

“A medical assistant is expected to be an expert in both medical and administrative tasks. Being an assistant, he/she is expected to help the doctors in their daily activities regarding treating patients. A medical assistant (MA) is responsible for the smooth functioning of the employing facility. He can work in a doctor's office or in private or government medical health care centers. Do you want to become a medical assistant? How to prepare yourself for a job in the health care sector? What are the prerequisites for a certified medical assistant (CMA)? The next section provides answers to these questions.” In the health care industry as a Medical Assistant you are expected to know medical and administrative tasks well to succeed also to keep a job and make your doctor trust you as a nurse. In the field behind a (MA) you have a role of helping the doctor help treating patients with care. You are there to greet the patient, it’s important to have a pleasing personality and patient skills. Medical Assistances can work in doctor’s office or in a private or government medical health care center. Your role in the office is to keep the doctor updated with information he needs to know before seeing the patient doing as he are she tells you to do so.

You have to graduate from one of the following accredited schools of the following agencies: Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education programs (CAAHEP) Accrediting Bureau of Health Education schools (ABHES)

They are four major organizations that certify Medical Assistants * (CMA) The certification for Medical Assistant. Administered throughout the year by the (American Association of Medical Assistance) most common mode of Medical Assistant certification. * ( RMA) Registered Medical Assistant

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